We are so beautiful, us women, us mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters…aren’t we?  

Yet so many of us don’t see our ourselves that way.  What happens when we see our own shining beauty?   When does it happen?  is it because others love us, cherish us, or value us for more that our external beauty?  Do we shine when we are filled with purpose and belonging?  Do all women struggle with seeing themselves as valuable beyond physical or sexual beauty,?  How about beyond mothering?  Do we all falter in the self-worth department?   My experience says yes. I would love for my stories of women to hold women and mamas up high shining glorious and proud for all that we do and bring to the table, artists, farmers, cooks, dancers, politicians, plumbers, poets, nannies, and so much more!  Thank you Matta for letting me take so many photos of you!   Thank you also for being so candid, honest and vulnerable.

I enjoyed watching your beauty, powerful, creative, passionately devoted to your daughter, to our land, to your art and your beliefs, to your friends and your duty.   You played hard, took punches, and opened your heart at every turn.  Your beauty is strong, burning, and vulnerable all at the same time.DSC_1767DSC_1766

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