Spring Mini Photo Play Sessions
Yay, I’ve had the chance to witness and capture some sweet Spring Portraits.

Spring is such fantastic time for family photos with Mama nature’s burst into life, warm sun, fresh breezes, and excited return to outdoor play after Vancouver’s grey rainy Winter.  I’m grateful for all the lovely families, large and small, each one unique, that I get to meet and photograph. The fast, fun pace, tied in with the invitation to play, run, jump, brings us all together and at ease  and offers some pretty delightful images. My aim is to capture you and your family at ease, having fun, naturally close, and engaged with each other in a way that is more natural rather than posed. I hope you like what you see. If you are interested in capturing some lovely memories like these, contact me at http://www.facebook.com/applestarphoto

What makes a great candid family portrait? I feel that its more than just a nice picture of the whole family, with everyone smiling and looking their best. Who are you as a family? How to you connect to each other? How do you who love? What if one of you feels awkward in front of the camera? Or what about if you have many family members, or your child is shy or won’t sit still?

I feel that a good family photo session allows for the family to express itself naturally. In short 15 to 20 minute sessions how can that happen? How can I capture a genuine sweetness and natural togetherness of a family small or large? For me space to explore is needed, a beautiful and inspiring setting, and freedom to move, especially for the little ones or shy pre teens to approach and gain trust or ease in a way that suits them. Play is important, using your body, moving away from your family, doing your own thing, regathering to hug, play, joke around. I sometimes try to explain that I’m like a wildlife photographer who specializes in the human animal, with a special fondness for children and youth. I have worked with children as a nanny and tutor as well for over 20 years. I have learned from both research and many hours with kids and families that we all thrive when we’re having fun, whether thats learning, trying something new, or getting over some fears, shyness or hurdles. Photo Play Sessions are all about this! Working with children over the years, one of the things I have loved most is watching them shine, watching their eyes sparkle as they come alive engaged in something they love, watching them gain trust as the adults in their life really listen, really show interest in what they care about….all this has added to my photographic style. I hope you like it.

What happens after play is a more relaxed pose, where, hopefully each member of the family can really sit comfortably with who she or he is, and the family bonds show up naturally.  Everyone feels good, and therefore looks good too.  Beautiful, natural, candid shots, as well as some sweet stolen treasures!

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