Cultural Mentoring Stories

What an honour it was to be gathered together on Salt Spring island with over a 100 participants to listen to Jon Young weave stories of cultural mentoring based on the 8 Sheilds model. This event is one of many that Jon has organized with the help of ‘acorns’, his son, and dedicated film crew, to record and make available online the incredible wisdom and practice of the 8 Shields Mentoring and Nature Connection.
The energetic field of so many like-minded, committed folk present was palpable, deeply thrilling. I left feeling moved and inspired that my work with children, families and as story-teller is intertwined with this purpose. <3
I am so very grateful for Ingrid Bauer and Jean-claude Catry and all they have manifested with their commitment to Wisdom of the Earth nature school, the ripples of their work stretched far enough to embrace me! Also, I’d like to express gratitude for their vital part of bringing Jon Young here.
A deep appreciative thank you, also, to all at Stowel Lake Farm who provided such a beautiful venue for this gathering and filming, and delicious, local, organic lunches. Yum! All this embraced by tall cedars, lush, misty rolling farm lands, birds chattering and soaring high.
If you have any questions about these photos, their use, or about my work, please contact me at Apple Star Photo. Also, stay tuned for more images…
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Belinda White

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