Summer’s End Mini Photo Play Sessions!

Capture the beauty and play of Summer’s last warm play days.

I am available for bookings tomorrow, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week. and evenings and the weekend, September 5th to 10th.

Contact Belinda at Apple Star Photo to arrange a Mini Photo Play Session for your family and 3 others, or for an exclusive session for your family.

Summer is slowly winding down as we approach September and school. Days are getting shorter, and warm Summer evenings at the beach for play, BBQs and sunsets are gorgeous! Best times are 4 to 7 for the magical light. Let’s take some lovely candid family portraits and capture Summer’s last magical rays.

$25 / $45 Options per family, for a group of 4 families, 15-20 minutes each. Or, Sliding scale $90-$150 for an exclusive session with just your family. Please PM me at Apple Star Photo here on Facebook to book or for more information on pricing and availability.

Enjoy the sun, kindly, Belinda


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