Spring Play!

I am passionate about play

All children love to play, few children can handle sitting still for traditionally posed photos. Even adults can loosen up and relax with a little play, movement, and fun. In photo play sessions, whether minis, or a longer family photo session, I use my experience working with both children and adults in play and learning environments, to engage families in fun, natural togetherness through climbing, balancing, joking, and playing with elements in the environment. I am passionate about Play! I am forever grateful for my diverse experience with Play, through gatherings like Firemaker, my work in the home learning community, raising my free-range, hands-on kid, my access to lovely rural and wilderness settings, and my multiple connections in embodied and attached learning, I have had many opportunities to observe and photograph children and their families at play.

Photo Play Sessions are a great way to capture some lovely natural smiles and genuine family connections!!

>>>> Spring Mini Photo Play Sessions >>>March Special $45 / Book two families, get yours FREE! <<<<

Book a 15-20 min mini session and get you a choice of 4 pro edited, high res images chosen from a gallery of 10-15 images.
Location TBD Trout lake, QE park, Douglas Park, Sunnyside, Clark Park, Falaise Park

If you would love a chance for some playful, relaxed, genuine family portraits, these mini play sessions are perfect. I love offering accessible, affordable gorgeous, candid family portraiture to all. Sliding scale available for single parents.
PM me at Apple Star Photo to reserve your spot, bring two friends, and get yours free!!

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