wild woman of the lake

There are many reasons why a woman might want to walk the wilds within and discard layers of convention, expectations, self-concept, injury.

For some this process of entering a wilder state, and allowing nature’s embrace to hold her ~

the buoyant support or cleansing of the waters,

the ageless solid presence of rock,

the twisted sinews of root,

the secret cover of ferns, leaves seaweed, clay,

the rooting and falling of trees

For some this is a way to re write a story about her body and rekindle a spark of self-love.  For another, it may be a way to honour and embrace a transition, loss, realization. For yet another there may be some healing shifts around injuries embedded deep in our bodies.  And for others there may be a wilding ritual of female empowerment, a howl of rebirth, calling fourth a deep intuitive sense of belonging and purpose.

For all there is a journey towards and an encounter with a sometimes deeply buried wild self.  The results may be called a photographic relic, a trail of symbol to remind us, and call fourth that process of of inner tracking and how The Wild shows us the way, and offers many gifts, many songs and stories…..


#walkthewildswithin #awildwomanproject






#rewild #rewildphotography #forage #abeautifulbodyproject #bodylove #allbodisarebeautiful #wildwoman #howl #therapeuticphotography #healingart #noshame

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