Forage ~ follow the trail….

“And the speck of my heart in my shed of flesh and bone, began to sing out, the way the sun would sing if the sun could sing, if light had a mouth and a tongue, if the sky had a throat, if god wasn’t just and idea but shoulders and a spine, gathered from everywhere, even the most distant planets, blazing up. Where am I? Even the rough words come to me, quick as thistles. Who made your tyrant’s body, your thirst, your delving, your gladness? Oh tiger, oh bone-breaker, oh tree on fire! Get away from me. Come closer.” Mary Oliver
I’m in love with Mary Oliver, and a courtship with the land! With deep gratitude to the writers, the giants, whose shoulders we stand on, to my dear friend, Qristine, who does love a great questing, to the plant and tree beings ~ today, Oregon Grape, who offer medicine gifts at every turn, and, to the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, Cowichan, Tsawwassen, Tsawout, Malahat and Tseycum where this magical moment was captured by Apple Star Photo. For more #wildcrafted #inspirations, visit me on Instagram @Forage.followthetrail
#leaf #fall #heart #landbody #originalinstructions #maryoliver #forage #foragefollowthetrail #treeonfire #tsawout #oregongrape #courtship #poetry #comecloser

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