~ Make, Forage Photography ~

Welcome to my ‘Make’ album. Foraging for me is more than just gathering wild food and making good use of it, it’s a way of life that sees bounty and beauty everywhere, that follows a trail of bread crumbs or seeds back into a deeper understanding of why we are here.
I’m really leaning into what Forage Photography means to me, and wanting to tell the story about how @Forage.followthetrail came to be. Somehow, somewhere we lost the trail, pulled away from our intimate relationship to the land, how we make food, make beauty, make meaning.
All, around me I see makers who are repairing this and I am so inspired! What happens when human hands gather, tend, create in a reciprocal, loving relationship with the earth? This! These are more than just local hand crafts, or wild crafts, they are stories that weave belonging, responsibility, wisdom into the objects, foods, ceremonies that we need to survive and thrive on a planet that is calling loudly for us to change they we consume. Stay tuned for more images. Come visit me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/forage.followthetrail/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/applestarphoto
Deep gratitude to the many beautiful souls who are tending the earth, and sharing the gifts of their making hands; to the wisdom traditions and teachers who are passing on these vital crafts; to all our relations who continue to give of their bodies so that we can make clothing, food, shelter, art, ceremony; to all those who are gathering around the children these days to take them outdoors to make connections and fall in love with the land again; and with deepest thanks, humble gratitude to the unceded, ancestral Coast Salish peoples who have tended these lands for as long as anyone can remember so that I can live, work and play here.

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