The Stories We Tell Are The Stories We Live By

The stories we tell, are the stories we live by!Sometimes it’s good to look back and see where you’ve come from, not just with nostalgia, but with great appreciation and awe for the helpers, the stepping stones, and the growth.Here is a taste of what’s important to me in my visual storytelling…stay tuned for more.Children, attached, honoured in their diversity, free to explore and learn in the ways that work for them. Embodied play, risk, movement, dance. Culture repair, reconnecting with nature, community, ceremony, celebration, mentoring, the arts.I hope these images tell a little the story of the miraculous gift of witnessing and being witnessed, of upholding and protecting what is essential, and of connecting deeply!

If you have a project you’d love photographed or would love to know more about what I do, please reach out. Visit my album / like my page on Facebook for details about each image and to catch more images!

warmly and wildly, Belinda White

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