a wild being project

a wild being project


ReWilding – verb
The act of:
– Shedding acquired states of domestication & shame
– Cultivating our erotic / emotional intelligence and expression to reach our fullest generative potential
– Restoring our primary relationship with The World, creating meaning and fostering profound intimate engagement with all life around, and within, us.
Christiane Pelmas

…a wild being project is my way to understand how portrayals of women, men, and those who walk between, the stories we tell of our bodies, our self-worth are intertwined with how we learn, teach, live, gather, empower, express love, attach, belong, contribute….  a way of discovering how re wilding and photography combine to help us show the process of unlearning, undressing, casting aside conventions and habits that are weighing us down.  I want to show an unadorned, untampered with, un photo-shopped beauty of humans that have cast off domestic shame, that have embraced the deep and sensual connections with our earth.

this project began as an offering just for women, yet it was more than just a story of women and girls, it is a story of the female, the femine within all we are and do, whether we are men or women, queer, non-binary, it is a story of balancing water and fire, it is a story of how we raise our children, how we model teaching, belonging, how we hold up our mothers and fathers, how we show love, how we laugh, sing and create art, how we tell stories of the sacred feminine… AND the sacred masculine

I send out my deep enduring gratitude the the land, the rivers, the lakes, the forests, trees, living and fallen that have held us in their embrace, clothed us in their foliage, clay and gentle stream, in the unceded territories of the k’omocks, Nuu-chah-nulth, and Kwakwaka’wakw and many other Coast Salish peoples.

Wild Being Photography Session

Walk the wilds within…

Intimate indoor or outdoor therapeutic photo session, body-positive, exploring how embodied play, re-wilding, deep nature connection or movement and dance can bring out a wild, vulnerable and honest portrayal of yourself.

1-2 hours

Candid, available light / firelight outdoors / indoors $75-$175 sliding scale

Sessions include all photos 20-30 in small digital files, as well as 10-15 professionally edited high res large digital images.

Feel free to contact me to inquire, book a session or collaborate on creating en empowering or healing body-positive healing event at 604 441 6913, applestarlearning@gmail.com or http://www.facebook.com/applestarphoto.

Please visit https://applestarphoto.com/about/ to find out more about me and why I do what I do what I do.

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