Spring Play!

I am passionate about play

All children love to play, few children can handle sitting still for traditionally posed photos. Even adults can loosen up and relax with a little play, movement, and fun. In photo play sessions, whether minis, or a longer family photo session, I use my experience working with both children and adults in play and learning environments, to engage families in fun, natural togetherness through climbing, balancing, joking, and playing with elements in the environment. I am passionate about Play! I am forever grateful for my diverse experience with Play, through gatherings like Firemaker, my work in the home learning community, raising my free-range, hands-on kid, my access to lovely rural and wilderness settings, and my multiple connections in embodied and attached learning, I have had many opportunities to observe and photograph children and their families at play.

Photo Play Sessions are a great way to capture some lovely natural smiles and genuine family connections!!

>>>> Spring Mini Photo Play Sessions >>>March Special $45 / Book two families, get yours FREE! <<<<

Book a 15-20 min mini session and get you a choice of 4 pro edited, high res images chosen from a gallery of 10-15 images.
Location TBD Trout lake, QE park, Douglas Park, Sunnyside, Clark Park, Falaise Park

If you would love a chance for some playful, relaxed, genuine family portraits, these mini play sessions are perfect. I love offering accessible, affordable gorgeous, candid family portraiture to all. Sliding scale available for single parents.
PM me at Apple Star Photo to reserve your spot, bring two friends, and get yours free!!

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winter minis

***Winter~Spring Photo Minis***
This weekend!!! Capture some stunning Winter Play Family Portraits…

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Apple Star Learning outdoor class….

My photography informs my mentoring work with children. Inspired by the Reggio model of education, I use loose parts, arts supplies, and an engaged, observant, curious, experimental, inspired approach to my outdoor education classes. I believe fundamentally that attachment to place, creative learning, and compassionate child raising and educational practices go hand in hand. I use my photography as an observational tool, an art form, and a celebration of what my students and I engage with, leaner from and create.

Fall is well on it’s way with its wonderful shifts of temperature, air pressure, colour, and more! Isn’t it amazing how these seasonal changes engage us and invigorate our senses inviting us to touch, explore, connect deeply? When it comes to outdoor education, Summer and Spring are wonderful for their ease, light clothing, or none at all, making it easy to go on hikes, access the water, enjoy the outdoors, whether running, swimming, climbing, or lazing around studying shadows. However, there is nothing like Fall and Winter to keen our senses, and propel us like sticky burrs into a state of survival….seeds fall, their textures and secrets calling to us, telling a story, birds migrate south, scribing the air with their graphic presence, waters begin to flow, moulding the landscape, light and colour become precious, poignant, rain, cold and wind mean we need to take stock, take care, carry our load. Did you know, that children come alive in these settings? Their bodies tingle with belonging, with competence, with awe….

I am excited to be heading int my second Fall and Winter Sessions of Art~Play at Trout lake with a small group of students for our place and inquiry-based, free-range play classes that combine Forest School Tinkering and Reggio elements, all the while centring around compassion, heart-centred and non-violent com munition and problem-solving.

These classes are a wonderful small student-to-teacher ratio group for children aged 6-8 who love to move-to-think, use their hands, hearts, entire bodies and imaginations to engage with learning; and, who benefit from a gentle, attached, mentor-teacher style. Here they can safely explore connecting with self, other children and their natural surroundings without pressure t conform or produce. Here their unique ideas, suggestions and divergent learning styles are honoured.

Also, if your child is new t home learning, or is even still in school, but needs an outdoor, more embodied, activated break from the four-walled classroom, Art~Play could be perfect! It introduces the concept of child-lead learning to both student and parent, while allowing a lot of freedom of movement, association, thinking and creative styles. With my extensive experience working with children of many learning backgrounds, i can help both your child and you get a more integrated understanding of how she/he/they learn.

Don’t let the cold wether scare you! Even children who have less experience carrying their own weight, and toughing it through the hard weather, grow immensely in this setting, gaining incredible self-confidence and mutual care with the group.

We have space for one more student, maybe two depending on the individual. I am open to sliding scale fees, and parent=participation. Please con act me here on Apple Star Learning on Facebook or at applestarlearnimg@gmail.com to register for a trail class or for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing some glorious days playing, creating and learning outdoors this Fall!


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Summer’s End Mini Photo Play Sessions!

Capture the beauty and play of Summer’s last warm play days.

I am available for bookings tomorrow, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week. and evenings and the weekend, September 5th to 10th.

Contact Belinda at Apple Star Photo to arrange a Mini Photo Play Session for your family and 3 others, or for an exclusive session for your family.

Summer is slowly winding down as we approach September and school. Days are getting shorter, and warm Summer evenings at the beach for play, BBQs and sunsets are gorgeous! Best times are 4 to 7 for the magical light. Let’s take some lovely candid family portraits and capture Summer’s last magical rays.

$25 / $45 Options per family, for a group of 4 families, 15-20 minutes each. Or, Sliding scale $90-$150 for an exclusive session with just your family. Please PM me at Apple Star Photo here on Facebook to book or for more information on pricing and availability.

Enjoy the sun, kindly, Belinda


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What makes a great candid family portrait? I feel that its more than just a nice picture of the whole family, with everyone smiling and looking their best. Who are you as a family? How to you connect to each other? How do you show love? What if one of you feels awkward in front of the camera?  Or what about if you have many family members, or your child is shy or won’t sit still?

I feel that a good family photo session allows for the family to express itself naturally.  In short 15 to 20 minute sessions how can that happen?  How can I capture a genuine sweetness and natural togetherness of a family small or large?  For me space to explore is needed, a beautiful and inspiring setting, and freedom to move, especially for the little ones or shy pre teens to approach and gain trust or ease in a way that suits them.  Play is important, using your body, moving away from your family, doing your own thing, regathering to hug, play, joke around.  I sometimes try to explain that I’m like a wildlife photographer who specializes in the human animal, with a special fondness for children and youth.

I have worked with children as a nanny and tutor as well for over 20 years and have learned from both research and many hours with kids and families that we all thrive when we’re having fun, whether that’s learning, trying something new, or getting over some fears, shyness or hurdles.  Photo Play Sessions are all about this! Working with children over the years, one of the things I have loved most is watching them shine, watching their eyes sparkle as they come alive engaged in something they love, watching them gain trust as the adults in their life really listen, really show interest in what they care about….all this has added to my photographic style.  I hope you like it.

What happens after play is a more relaxed pose, where, hopefully each member of the family can really sit comfortably with who she or he is, and the family bonds show up naturally.  Everyone feels good, and therefore looks good too.

Beautiful, natural, candid shots, as well as some sweet stolen treasures!

warmly, Belinda White
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becoming a brother

~ Sneak Peek ~

How wonderful that my first session of the Spring Season was of this lovely family expecting their second child!  I met them last year at a Spring Mini Photo Play Session and was enthralled by their wide-eyed, sweet, inquisitive young boy.  What an honour to be asked back a year later to do a maternity and growing family photo session with them.

I spent the first of our session playing with their son.  I know that if I take the time to connect and engage the young one on this play level, it will really improve our photo session.  He was of course, over-joyed!!


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Embodied Learning

Holding space, Belonging to Place and Letting Play!

I love children!

I have worked with babies, children and youth as a teacher, caregiver, nanny and mentor for over 20 years now.  Throughout this time, and especially over the last 12 years since I gave birth to my son, I have also enjoyed observing and photographing children of all ages (including adults) learning through play, through attachment and belonging to place, to land, to community and to loved ones, thriving through this freely chosen, autonomous engagement with each other, and with their surroundings.

On this journey, my photography has been an incredible resource for me, as a document and testimony to the power of play and attachment.  I am coming to name this, just now, embodied play, embodied learning.  Enriched by my studies of Forest School, Coyote Mentoring, Play Work, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, Tinkering School, Peak Experience, and Parkour or Big Impact Play, I am stunned daily by the lack of movement, the lack of engagement with place, with space, with natural environments, rural, farming work, chores, and urban architecture, design and landscape.   All around as teachers are struggling to get student sot stop moving and pay attention, students with diagnosis, get special chairs.  Meanwhile, adults and children alike sign themselves up for sports, yoga, martial arts, contact dance, bouldering, indoor parkour, pilates and more to compensate for our sedentary, crib, car-eseat, desk, sofa life-styles.

What is embodied play learning?  Why do we exist in space, with all of ours muscles, tendons, bones aching to move, our nervous system tingling and alice, our sense attuned to so many external stimulus?  And, yet we send them to school…..

Waldorf education spas of proprioseption…

Montessori of the prepared environment…

Reggio Emilia of the environment as third teacher…

We pay big money to get our over-active children into bouldering, martial arts or parkour, why not just let them climb trees?

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to be payed to hold space for children’s embodied play, children’s innate exploration and creativity outside of the classroom!  I love, love, love doing Mini Photo Play Sessions, where the whole family gets into some embodied play, and those eyes sparkle and natural smiles ignite as the endorphins  flush through….

But I thought I’d just let you all know that alongside this work with children and families, my other passion is to tell stories, to shift perception, to get more of us out there in the big old work, wild, rural, or urban to play, full-bodied, embodied, attached to place.



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