wild woman of the lake


I am honoured to photograph my brave friend!

She is a glorious wild woman holding space and honouring her edges. <3




Wild Self – of Scars, Skies, and Water

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D (Women Who Run With the Wolves)


I am so honoured to have photographed such a stunningly gorgeous, honest, vulnerable and powerful wild woman!   Most of us struggle with body image, I know I do.  What is it like as we grow older, post child rearing, as the years go by, still keenly aware of emotional or physical injuries lodged deep in our skin, our bones, our hearts?  It is hard to stand naked in front of ourselves and shout ‘Yes!’ to the skies, Yes, to ourselves.  Yes to our beautiful bodies, pain and all, age and experience and all.  It is hard, isn’t it?  And yet, if we go there, if we walk tentatively down our own steep, crumbling banks, noticing how life persists in clinging, in growing, in reaching, down towards the cool pool within, where the gentle sun warms….If we gingerly approach that edge…we can find that place of release, of self-acceptance, and of profound beauty.

“I was taught from a very young age that my body was not my own. Told in subtle and not so subtle ways, by both my parents… by a trusted elderly neighbor… and by society… that this body I was born into was for a man’s pleasure. And so the abuse began.

I went into this photo shoot with the intention of facing some of my darkest places and dislodging the stuck parts inside. I loved the idea of entering the water to wash away some of these old stories…. These outdated thought patterns that kept me held in abuse and self- hatred.

And now, as I look at these beautiful photographs and observe the effects that two years without almost any yoga has done to my body…. I try my best to breathe through my inner self critic.

I feel inspired… to let go of the self-hatred and love my body back into the shape I feel more comfortable with.

Most important of all… I choose to reclaim my birthright… This body… This body is my own.

Thank you, again for the opportunity you have given me.”


Wild Woman at the lake ~ exploring her edges of vulnerability


the cool waters at the centre of our body
can we find that forgiving patient self love here at the lake, the trees cling to steep banks,
roots exposed, hard rock and soft earth crumble
trees fall, all feeds and is fed, death, life, transition


Injury and healing
earth body mirrors our body
as we learn to love and cherish our core
we become stronger

in awe, Belinda

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Enter a caption

” To love my body fiercely is truly revolutionary.”

“oh, my breats are uneven! Mama breats!” Even when her youngest daughter is not here beside her, that bond of breast-feeding is present in the body of mama Omi Grace as she embraces her own power feet washed by the river, our great earth mama’s breast, nursing us with the waters of life; arms stretching high like the Cedar trees to the sky, Goddess rising! You are so beautiful Omi.


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into the depths

a wild woman project

What does it mean to stand there at the brink of the chasm, the very edge of our own shame, our terrifying personal stories of pain, neglect, abuse, loneliness?  We don’t go there, do we? or only very reluctantly.  We have been cast out of our land of knowing, taught to become afraid of our wild intuition, our deep connection!

Let us reacquaint ourselves then with this perceived underbelly, what is dark, murky, unknown, it has been cast for far too long as dirty, evil, something to  be tamed and held back.  What is this mystery that smacks of female depths?  It is all that is fertile, fertile within it’s cycles of rise and fall, struggle and emerge.  It unequivocally vulnerable, shivering at the edge of the lake under the full moon.  It is wildly intuitive.  It is simultaneously gentle, wide-eyed with wander and fierce and bold with protection!

Each wild wander, either through forest, into the river, down by the sea or up into arid climbs takes us step by step in to an inner tracking, and encounter with a forgotten, lost or hurt part of ourselves.

Beautiful S. here stands still for a long moment of encounter with herself and the river, deep, dark, so cold, yet welcoming, cleansing.  I love her tender entry into her own intimate process, tentative at first, and then plunging down to reemerge with a shout of joy on the other side


It seems so much is of what is unnecessary, hindering, dampening of desire and creative potential is discard by this plunge into the river of trust. And, so much is gained, an immersive thrill that invigorates the body knowing, the belonging, the should connection to a source.  Unfettered from domestic conditions of thou shalt not, wear this, wear that, hide your shame, cover up your scars or breasts woman! do not dare defend your cubs or wail with sadness or shudder with pleasure, woman!  Unfettered,  a wild woman, howling like a wolf scampers up the far side of the river into the thick Cedar at its edge.

I am honoured to be growing through my wild woman project in the presence and trust of some incredible women, who grace me with their vulnerable beauty, their undressing and casting off of outdated shrouds, for some easier than for others, each opening and vulnerable, bold and wild in their own way.  I am grateful to witness their desire to rewild their connection to their own bodies, and to the land body of our Mother, and in so doing become part of this process myself.

with a wild heart full of love,


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