Forage: The Rose and the Hip

What is Forage? A kind of inner tracking, a wild wander, observing how the gifts in the wild or garden reflect the gifts within.

I realize now, that the idea for the name of both my photography business and my educational business comes from a  kind of ‘forage’ experience.   In what ways does a ‘fruit’ or example from Nature mirror or symbolize a human process?  The Apple Star, is the core revealed, not cut out, the seeds of future creations intact, the beauty honoured!

The Rose and the Hip

It’s easy to admire the rose, in full glory, full sent and splendour, isn’t it? but not so easy the haw, the seed, the hip. Hard, blood red, seedy and itchy to boot, this little bounty has it’s treasure well hidden. She’s thorny too, marking territory, entwined in an never-ending dance with the Black Berry Briar, we watch those once juicy black nuggets drying on the vine, and marvel at their simple giving of themselves to us, compared to the complex extraction needed to taste the healing of the rose hip! A what is this weird, puff of a hairy nest? Is it true a wasp lies within? This is what Rose hips bring up for me:

“When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you believe in him,
Though his voice may shatter your dreams
as the north wind lays waste the garden.”

Kahlil Gibran

Thank you Omi Grace for walking with me, listening to me, and gathering with me.  Thank you too, for standing your ground and expressing your boundaries, and making the tea, that I couldn’t make!!  Belinda White


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Cafe Conversations

DSC_4031 (1)

This is a unique take on the head shot, a studio-like session, but more candid.    Through my work in photography, I have discovered that unravelling and retelling a story is a big part of what I do.

As a single mother who chose to stay home with her son and build a career that honoured my deep needs for attachment, I have a soft spot for women and how they struggle to balance meaningful work with family life. I am also passionate about helping women to define their on-line presence / image by honouring their unique gifts and how they show up and portray themselves in their work / craft / career / art form. As women, we often struggle with the ideas of beauty or presentability. I aim to show you off as you are, radiantly you! While I am not at all against using lighting, make up or styling to help bring out the best in you, I have learned that we gain a lot of confidence and can portray a much more honest and accurate image of ourselves and what we have to offer, when we feel safe, honoured and heard.

I had a lovely time with my friend, Rachel Sanders.

We walked up to a local cafe in our neighbourhood, sat and talked over tea, then meandered through the streets and parks back home.

DSC_4060DSC_4079 DSC_4106

Cafe Conversations are 1 to 2 hours
A variation of a candid available light / studio style session / interview.   We meet in a cafe of your choice that has good available light, nice windows, we talk about what you do, how you feel about how you look and show up in the world.
It’s a great way to create safe place to express, show some vulnerability, let your unique personality, expressive style, and story shine.  Who are you?  What do you do?  Why do you do it?
10-15 high res large files $55 to $125 sliding scale

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