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After a couple of years of this website being under repair, I am back with a new mission.  Here at Apple Star Photo, I will be focusing my camera and story-telling on a wild being project, Embodied, What moves you? and Forage Photography.

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I am a single mother, I have lived over the years alone and in collective homes.  As well as doing photography, I work with children as a nanny, tutor, and home school consultant.  I love the children in my life, but do enjoy taking a step back to watch, observe, and so I love my photography work for the peace, reflection and global vision it allows me.  Over the last few years, I’ve become more and more entranced by the beauty of nature and our connection to it, whether through play, foraging, farming, or adventuring.

I have a background in Communications, Film, Education, Child Care and Home Learning.  I am drawn to understanding and helping to foster our deep needs for Autonomy, Belonging, and Contribution.    My experience working with children, families, and two-home / blended families has taught me the value of empathy, compassionate parenting, tolerance, NVC, and honouring our unique styles of being, processing, showing up with what we’ve got.  My experience participating in nature connection and regenerative cultural events, such as Firemaker Gathering or the BC Art of Mentoring, as both a student and facilitator has taught be the thrill of inner tracking, and vital importance of telling stories that emerge from the land itself.  Stay tuned for more examples of my photography in this area.

This is what Apple Star Photo is all about: telling picture stories of your very own special light, shining from within.  Do you know the Apple Star story?  This is where I got my inspiration for this site’s name:

I believe fundamentally that we don’t need to hide who we are, and when given the freedom and safely to express ourselves in ways we are most comfortable with, we will truly shine.   This freedom to try new ways has coloured both my parenting, my approach to education and my photography.  I do not use a cookie-cutter style, but rather, explore each new subject, each child and family to let them show off their uniqueness.

I offer candid portraiture with available light indoor / outdoor as well as studio sessions for Children, Families, Couples, Babies, Nursing, and Expectant Mamas.

As a single mother who chose to stay home with her son and build a career that honoured my deep needs for attachment, I have a soft spot for women and how they struggle to balance meaningful work with family life.  I am also passionate about helping women to define their on-line presence / image by honouring their unique gifts and how they show up and portray themselves in their work / craft / career / art form.     As women, we often struggle with the ideas of beauty or presentability.  I aim to show you off as you are, radiantly you!    While I am not at all against using lighting, make up or styling to help bring out the best in you, I have learned that we gain a lot of confidence and can portray a much more honest and accurate image of ourselves and what we have to offer, when we feel safe, honoured and heard.

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Belinda White

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