I love them

I work daily with them as nanny, teacher-mentor, photographer

I am witness to their

expressions, feelings, needs, play

they shine most when they are free to be themselves

they have taught me how to re-learn everything

Firemaker has changed my life and my understanding of children

here we have space, freedom and nature

and something else, a village of attachment

the loosely linked arms that surround our children here

allow them the most incredible learning, play, self-exploraion

a very different socializing happens here

it is bonded, it is creative, nurturing, free-range!

belonging, and free to be both autonomous and competent

children show us through service, through freely giving of themselves

shining from the inside out.

beautiful mamas! beautiful papas!

parenting cracks us open

especially for us mamas,

it remakes us!

as a mama and caregiver I have immersed myself in the stories of women, family, bonding. attachment, compassionate parenting, alternative modes to education, healing, conflict resolution, NVC, I have read and and read, observed many many children

and I have come to understand a thing or two

how we parent IS how we change the world, how we teach, mentor, auntie, grandparent, care for children IS how we change the world,

how we attach, how we create stories of belonging, purpose, meaning, how we cherish our place and all our relations, and the unique and stunning gifts of each,

how we love, forgive, express gratitude, express boundaries and needs, accept, defend, hold on, release

ourselves, our children, our partners, friends, colleagues, students, neighbours






I am so grateful to all the incredible children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, teachers, mentors and community that I ahem had the great honour to learn from and observe, celebrate with my camera eye.

Thank You.


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